Time for a change…

Just a quick post to let you all know that Friday is a pretty big day for my little blog as it’s goodbye to ‘Homemade by Fleur’ as you know it and hello to a snazzy new look and self hosted blog!  Behind the scenes my brother (who’s pretty clever when it comes to things like this) and I have been working hard.  There have been quite a few late nights, but it’s been great fun and I am so excited to show it to you.

I wanted to mention a couple of things that will change as a result of moving across to the new blog.

Firstly, there will be a new web address for my blog.  A redirect from the old site will be in place so you will get taken straight to it if you go to the old address but it might be worth making a note of the new address on Friday and using that as much as possible if you can.

Secondly, all my WordPress blog subscribers (ie if you have your own wordpress blog and have subscribed to my blog) will need to re-subscribe on my new blog. It’s a bore I know, and I’m really sorry about having to ask you to do it.  It’s just one of those annoying technical hiccups that cant be avoided.   Look out for the subscribe box in the top right hand corner of the new blog.  It only takes a minute to re-subscribe, and is very quick and painless I promise.  I hate the thought of losing any of you through the moving process so would love you hook up with the new blog too if you can.

The good news is that all my email subscribers (ie if you don’t have a wordpress blog) will be moved across and automatically subscribed to my new blog. Phew!

So I look forward to welcoming you on Friday to my new blog.  I will be posting a big hello so look out for that on Twitter and Facebook.  I also have a cheeky giveaway to celebrate the launch.

Fleur x


23/05/2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Beccy replied:

    Very exciting Fleur 🙂

  2. bakingaddict replied:

    ooh how exciting!! Cant wait to see the new look and will be sure to add your new address to my blog list.

  3. Iris (@BakedByMeUK) replied:

    How exciting Fleur! Looking forward 🙂

  4. cakeboule replied:

    Good luck – I did wonder with all the new pingbacks on my blog and thought this is what you were up too! Hope it all goes well.

    • Homemade By Fleur replied:

      Ah yes…sorry about that!! I got pingbacks too and I wondered if other might get them. I’m pleased to be doing this now. I imagine if I were to leave it a year or two it would be much harder and many more pingbacks!

  5. Sarah, Maison Cupcake replied:

    Exciting! Hope the transition goes smoothly!

  6. thelittleloaf replied:

    How exciting! Can’t wait for the new look to be revealed 🙂

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