Red Prawn and Mango Thai Curry

I am increasingly becoming quite a fan of Nigella Lawson.  No matter what people think of her silk clad midnight snacks there is no doubt that she is quite an inspiration and I’m sure her recipes have created many new foodies.  By coincidence, her cookbook ‘Feast’ arrived today.  I ordered it due to my growing curiosity about Nigella.  The only other Nigella cookbook I have is her Christmas one but some how I felt I was missing out.  I’ve had a quick flick though ‘Feast’ and I’m quite excited about getting into bed tonight to read more.  Sad I know, but that is perfect bedtime reading for me.

The other reason I have become more interested in Nigella is of course is because I was been lucky enough to briefly meet her a couple of months ago when filming for Baking Mad.  I’m also going to be hosting the Forever Nigella blog challenge in June run by Sarah who writes the fantastic Maison Cupcake blog which I am very excited about so watch this space for more details on that.

So for all these reasons I thought that featuring and reviewing one of her recipes on my blog would be very fitting.

This month Vanilla Frost is hosting Forever Nigella for Sarah and the theme is ‘spring’.  So the other night I had a look through some online Nigella recipes and came across one for Red Prawn and Mango Curry. It was the addition of mango and the colourful ingredients that made it feel very springtime to me, and in my opinion a great curry recipe is worth it’s weight in gold so I thought I would give it a go.

I decided that I would review based on marks out of 10 for a few set criteria. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to quickly see what I thought of it.


The total cost of ingredients where I normally shop in Ocado was £17.56.  Calculating the cost based on how much of each ingredient is used the cost was £10.74 and based on the dish serving 4 people it worked out at £2.69 per person.  Cheaper than your average take away ruby, so pretty good value if you ask me.

Score: 8/10

Time required to make:

The prep took me about 30 mins, but most of this was peeling and chopping the butternut squash and mango.  I did not have any sweet potato so I left it out, but peeling and chopping these would have added on an extra 5 mins the the prep I would say.  If you are tight on time you can buy the sweet potato and squash in a prepared pack together and save yourself half the time I would say.  The only other thing to mention is that in the recipe it suggests 15 mins cooking time for the squash and potato.  Mine took about 40 mins to be soft enough.

Score:  7/10
Skill level needed:

This is a great recipe for beginners.  After everything has been prepared it is really just a case of putting most if it in the saucepan and letting it simmer away whilst you get on with something else.

Score: 8/10

Recipe instructions:

I like the instructions.  They were easy to follow and nicely formatted on the webpage.

Score: 8/10

Visual appearance of completed dish:

I could not wait to tuck into this meal.  Admittedly, I picked this recipe because I thought I would like it, but it really did look scrummy.  This would be a great meal to serve friends and you could make it look even nicer by serving with a bit of mango chutney, cucumber raita (my favorite) and a naan or flatbread.

Score: 9/10


I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this curry.  It is sweet and sour, spicy and salty and I love having flavour contradictions in the same dish.  When you get mango, butternut squash and prawn in the same mouthful, it is really quite something.  I was tempted to close my eyes and say, ‘Mmmmm….” but then that really would have been a bit too much like Nigella,  so you will be pleased to hear I did not do this, and instead started up conversation with my husband as distraction.  The level of heat and spice in this curry will be down to the red curry paste you use.  I really like the Thai Taste range of pastes.

Score: 9/10

Overall, I think it is fair to say that I loved this recipe.  I will certainly be making it again, and can’t wait to make it next time we have guests.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to bed to do you know what!

I am also going to enter this curry into Fabulicious Food’s Family Friendly Fridays blog event.   There are some great recipes entered this month so hop over and take a look if you get the chance.

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  1. Sarah, Maison Cupcake replied:

    I haven’t made this curry for ages but like her various other butternut/thai curries in other books it’s a great midweek supper that doesn’t take long to make. I must confess I might shoot the price up by buying pre-chopped squash in bags – not every time but now and again to make it even quicker and easier to make!

    Thanks for taking part in this month’s Forever Nigella!

    • Homemade By Fleur replied:

      I’m with you on the pre-chopped veg from time to time to make life a bit easier! Also if raw prawns are used this can be frozen and saved for another night as well.

  2. cakeboule replied:

    That does look good I love curry but not a big fan of fruit in curries but I imagine it it would still work without it. I can’t wait to finsih all this marking so I can cook some new savoury dishes and we all love a curry but feel the name for my blog stops me from posting savour recipes what do you think?

    • Homemade By Fleur replied:

      Yes, I think this would probably work without the mango. Maybe you could use something else that is sweet like a pepper. I think you should go for it with something savoury on your blog. After all it is yours. You just have to come up with a cool title for it like ‘Cakeboule goes savoury’ or ‘And now for something a bit different…’ Try it and see what people think. x

  3. losangelas replied:

    Looks great! coincidentally I bought 4 mangos this weekend, and 3 are still left, it must be a sign that I have to make this curry this week 🙂

  4. Fabulicious Food! (@RenBehan) replied:

    A lovely recipe, Fleur. Thanks for linking up. I’m still envious of you having seen Nigella! And this curry looks wonderful. I’ve posted a round up today x

  5. Fishfingers for tea (@fishfingers4tea) replied:

    This sounds like something we would all enjoy. Curry is a favourite here, especially with butternut squash and the toddler loves fruit in it too. I think it’s definitely one to try!

    • Homemade By Fleur replied:

      Hi, thanks for your comment and stopping by my blog. I have made this curry about 3 times now and it freezes really well which is great in an emergency.

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