New Year Blog Challenge – Low Calorie Blueberry Muffins

This week has been quite exciting.  The people at were looking for food bloggers to take part in a new year healthy baking challenge. Always up for a challenge, especially a baking one I got in touch and they sent me a list of low calorie baking recipes and asked me to choose one to make and review. So I picked low calorie blueberry muffins because I was interested to see if a low calorie version would be just as good as the real thing.

A link to the recipe I used is here.

A few days later the postman knocked on my door and gave me a little cardboard box. Inside was a packet of Allinson’s nature friendly flour and packet of Silver Spoon half spoon sugar.  When reading the small print on the packs I was pleasantly surprised at the reasons why the flour is branded nature friendly.  It uses conservation grade wheat which is where farmers actively manage their farmland to promote bio-diversity and conditions where wildlife can flourish.  I like the sound of that.  But reading the back of the silver spoon half spoon sugar pack I was a bit disappointed to see that it contained artificial sweetener.  Not something I really like to use if I’m honest, but then there is half the sugar required in this recipe to a normal blueberry muffin recipe (I checked) and so that is quite a bonus especially if you are on the dreaded new year diet.

So today was the day I decided to complete the challenge.  I set everything up and called my 6 year to see if she wanted to help.  There is no electric mixer involved, just a little whisking and stirring, so she could pretty much do everything, which I think she found very rewarding. She took ages putting the batter in the cases and it was lovely to see her take care to do it properly and really get into the task.

They came out of the oven looking beautiful. Nicely risen with a few gorgeous purple blueberries bubbling at the surface. And I have to say they tasted pretty good too!  They would certainly hit the mid afternoon ‘snack attack’ spot and I definitely did not feel quite as guilty eating one of these in comparison to a normal muffin or slice of cake.  Might even pack one in my gym bag tomorrow as a treat for afterwards.  I’m going to freeze a few too as I think they would be nice as an alternative to breakfast at some point in the week, especially if I’m running late and need breakfast on the go.  My 6 year old loved them!  She came through to the kitchen after eating one and said they were delicious!  This is quite a compliment as she has a sweet tooth, so I guess she did not notice the fact that these had a lot less sugar in which is great.

Overall, I would say these are a quick and easy muffin recipe which is certainly worth a try.  Next time I’m tempted to swap the flour to wholemeal self raising and to try it with the same amount of normal sugar to see how that tastes and turns out. Anyone gets there before me let me know.

Disclaimer- I do not work for Baking Mad nor did not get paid to write this review.


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  1. Amelia replied:

    Hi there, Fleur! Thanks for the tip. Anyway, I think you should post your review on BakingMad. 🙂 Gotta check out more blueberry muffin recipes and hopefully come up with a healthier version. 🙂 Happy Baking!

  2. cakeboule replied:

    These look very juicy muffins. They are what most of should be eating in January as we all struggle to combat the festive pounds. The challenge sounded like it was fun and what a result.

  3. Holly B @ Recipes from a Normal Mum replied:

    They look very light to me! Yum. x

  4. Homemade By Fleur replied:

    It was great fun and a really nice little activity to do with kids whilst daddy was at rugby!

  5. Christina Alteirac replied:

    I tried them with wholemeal flour and half (well about 2/3) the amount of normal caster sugar and they are yum!!! So light, fluffy And juicy!! A great, healthy recipe thanks fleur!! Just warm out of the oven in time for the school run!! The boys will be delighted. Xo

    • Homemade By Fleur replied:

      That’s brill Christina! Great they work with wholemeal self raising and less normal sugar too. Enjoy!

  6. Sarah, Maison Cupcake replied:

    Muffins come out really well with low calorie sugar and sweeteners. I did some carrot muffins with Splenda for a diabetic relative once and they tasted better than the sugary cupcakes served alongside!!

  7. Karla replied:

    Nice post. I went through the post I found it very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing.

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