Baking and beyond!

Well, the first thing that I want to say is that I am a bit excited about this blog.  That may sound a bit indulgent as it is mostly about myself and what I get up to, but it is excitement more about the fact that I can share and document all the creative ideas I have, and the results of my work.   The bonus is that some of you might get inspired (you never know) and try out one of my recipes or attempt a homemade project that I have shared and it might just make your day that you did.

You may know that I have three young children so involvement of little ones tends to happen quite a lot with the things I do.  I’m hoping this will mostly be a good thing, as being creative with my kids doubles the fun in my eyes.  There are however, times when I really enjoy doing stuff on my own.  Baking can be one of these things, especially when I am trying out something new or a bit challenging.  I see it as ‘me’ time!  I have recently started to try my hand at pastry, macaroons, and bread to name a few.  Every night this week my husband has come home to find me baking something new.  Lucky him I say!  Using my creative streak (which is always longing to be used) keeps me happy and if I can teach myself some new skills along the way, all the better! Plus he gets to taste all of my creations!  I’ve got a few ideas for a homemade Christmas as well.  Will add these to my blog in the next few weeks.

I’m planning to blog about once a week, and I would love to hear what you think or want more or less of.  So get stuck in and enjoy.



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  1. Diane Smith replied:

    Love your blog, Fleur and all your ideas: very inspiring! I am going to try the pumpkin pie and will let you know how it turns out! Am also looking forward to the Christmas recipes for some new ideas! Best of luck with the blog! It looks amazing already!

    • Homemade By Fleur replied:

      Thanks Diane. I think you will like the pumpkin pie. I think it is yummy. Let me know how you get on. X

  2. Annalisa replied:

    Do blog the recipe for those amazingly naughty and delicious macaroons Fleur, they were fantastic! I’m loving your blog, this is what you were always meant to do and I feel you will go very far. Happy baking!!! I’m right behind you, trying your ideas! xxxx

    • Homemade By Fleur replied:

      Glad you liked the macaroons Anna, and thanks for your support. I’m very excited that people are liking it. Will plan the macaroons in as yours is the second request. X

  3. Caroline replied:

    Hi Fleur,
    I am impressed! I think you will attract a good following very quickly, esepcially from all us stay at home mums eager to create wonders in the kitchen. Us Pypers all have a very sweet tooth so please keep these recipes coming. I would love you to post the chocolate log.
    Good luck!

    • Homemade By Fleur replied:

      Hi Caroline, thanks for your encouragement. I’m glad you like the blog. I promise I’ll send you a link for the chocolate roulade and some dates for us to get together at the same time. X

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